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The patented fast solution

Place, plug, process. Economic chip processing could be that easy. And it is – if you use a system from Lanner. Thanks to the turn-key execution of the compact Vetamat system it is ready to operate in a blink of an eye. And this even up to a maximum throughput of 2 m³ per hour. The complete system is mounted on a WRA tab with the add-on treatment.

If you are searching for a cost-saving entry into the automatic chip processing the Vetamat Eco system will be your solution. It consists of a conveyor with tank, a parabolic centrifuge and a control cabinet with a Siemens PLC.

This is how the Vetamat system works 

The patented Vetamat system separates the metal chips or grinding sludge reliably from the coolant.

A cart with chips containing coolant enter the chip processing system e. g. via fork lift or chip cart dumper. Depending on their shape chips have to be resized by a chip crusher. A conveyor transports the free-flowing chips to the centrifuge. The parabolic or lifting bottom centrifuge separates the coolant from the chips. The coolant is collected in a tank and can be reused. The entire system is controlled by a central control cabinet.

With the add-on system the Vetamat can optionally be expanded with a chip crusher, tramp metal separator, chip cart dumper, material separation as well as coolant treatment.

All advantages at a glance

  • very short start-up
  • turnkey execution
  • low space requirements
  • very good accessibility
  • add-on system
  • oil-tightly mounted on tub according WRA
  • high reliability
  • approved Lanner technology
  • fully automatic operation with standby function
  • expandable for processing long chips and coolant cleaning system
  • chip cart underneath the centrifuge can be fitted and removed from three sides

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