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As the only worldwide full-range supplier of machines and systems for the treatment of metal chips and grinding sludge Lanner is the experienced and innovative partner for the metalworking industry all around the globe.

Consulting, construction and manufacturing – everything comes from the Lanner team out of the southwest of Germany and with that background we can guarantee always the best and trouble-free operation of every Lanner system.

Furthermore all machines and individual systems comply with the highest quality requirements and therefore aim at the fastest reachable ROI.

nothing is impossible!

Dealing only with the cutting-edge technology is not enough for Lanner. Best available service and customer focus quickly guarantee the optimum technical solution, even for special customer requirements.

It is self-explanatory that our expert team installs the Lanner-systems on your site and also inspects them annually if an additional service contract is concluded. A pre-acceptance of the complete system in our factory in Kippenheim is also possible.

To minimize eventual downtimes to an absolute minimum, the Lanner service-team takes care that the stocked part is quickly available. Due to the very high lifetime of the components of the Lanner-systems this is not necessary very often – e. g. there are three Lanner lifting bottom centrifuges “DS80” of the first generation in continuous operation at a Swedish car and truck manufacturer since 1994.


To get a better view and a first experience how efficient Lanner machines work, you (e.g. having no or no good chip treatment so far) can see them directly at manufacturers place. In Kippenheim is always one machine of each type for a test with customer’s chips or grinding sludge available – of course free of charge! If you cannot participate personally, a comprehensive video documentation is available upon request.

You request further information?
Just contact the Lanner sales team!

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