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All advantages at a glance

best possible degree of dryness
long service life
highly wear-resistant execution
vibration-proof set-up
universal operation
suitable for grinding sludge
fully automatic and continuous operation
compact design
very low maintenance costs
very easy to maintain

The optimal solution for drying

Drying fine chips or grinding sludge thermally pollutes the environment and additionally wastes a high amount of energy. Is that really necessary? Of course not, at least not if the patented DS lifting bottom centrifuge from Lanner is used. Due to the self-cleaning principle of the slot sieve this type of centrifuge suites perfectly to the solid-liquid separation of free-flowing chips and grinding sludge. The rest-moisture of the chips after centrifuging can be below 1 %. The regained coolant can easily be brought back to the manufacturing process or a filtration.

This is how the lifting bottom centrifuge works

In the fully automatic operation the wet chips or the sludge fall through the infeed hopper into the drum of the lifting bottom centrifuge. At this point the chips meet the rotating lifting bottom and are pressed against the drum wall under high centrifugal forces. The hydraulically activated lifting bottom moves the chips and/or the sludge upwards to the slot sieve where the liquids are separated from the chips.

After a few lifting cycles the centrifuged chips are carried over the edge of the drum and quit the centrifuge into the chip cart or discharge conveyor. The centrifuged coolant can be returned to the production or pumped back to further treatment.

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