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All advantages at a glance

turnkey delivery and easiest handling
perfect application for manual or half-automatic de-oiling or drying
     and conservation of turning workpieces, stampings and blanks
very long service life, operation free of vibrations
compact and easy to maintain, i. e. low maintenance costs and
     quick return of investment
dryness up to 1 % residual moisture possible
standard execution consists of lid with pneumatic spring and
     electro-magnetic lid locking, unbalance detection switch and standstill
control including control cabinet laterally placed, i.e. not in swivel
     range of crane

One for all purposes

The ME batch centrifuge is the universal entry level model from Lanner designed for a continuous operation.

The degree of dryness of this simple machine can be proudly shown: Possible are rest-moistures below 1 %, depending on the inserted material.

This centrifuge can also be used to de-oil, dry, coat or conserve manufactured parts.

Batch centrifuges are constructed for a long lasting continuous operation. The electro-magnetic lid locking, an unbalanced detection switch and the standstill control provide maximum operational safety.

Optional accessories are available: Rotation speed controller, crane support with pivot arm or an electric chain host, heating, tank, transport cart for the drum or customized carrier e. g. for boxes or workpieces. Even customized executions in stainless steel or EX protected are available on request.

This is how the batch centrifuge works

The basket filled with chips or parts can be elevated into the centrifuge using a lifting hook. When the drum is placed into the centrifuge an individually set centrifuging time begins to run. After completion of the centrifuging process, the drum is taken out and the process can be repeated with the next wet material.

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